The Main Event

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Men in the City In its third appearance in Wellington, 'Men in the City' was another success. As the only one of its kind event for females to show-off their best cocktail dress, while mingling with handsome bachelors who created individually designed dates (yes, actual predetermined dates revealed in the event programme). In the end, 30 lucky females actually won these dates with 30 lucky bachelors. A few of our couples from past years are still together!

If you would like to be the next recipient charity for this event in Detroit Summer 2014 please go to the official MITC website where details can be viewed. Do check it out and don't forget to like us on FACEBOOK to get any updates.

This event raised over $35,000 so far for charities within New Zealand and we hope to have continued success with the help of benevolent sponsors and ongoing public support in the future.

You can checkout the official photos from MITC 2012 at Dominion Post, Citylife News, Regional Round-up with Lucas DeJong on Breakfast and 'Uptown Girl' Laura McQuillan's Review. Also, listen to the feedback from radio hosts Laura and Jen who attended on the evening via Access Radio.

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